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German Shepherd litter announcements:

This is our litters page where we announce the breedings and puppies that are occasionally available. We breed only from health tested dogs with correct German Shepherd temperaments that will further improve the breed. Our puppies are successful in several arenas like Schutzhund/ IPO / IGP, Breed shows, therapy work, herding and make great family companions.

For inquiries please call: +1-614-598-7546.

Quest von Nummer-Eins  x Athena von Nummer-Eins

HD- OFA Good, ED- Normal       HD a1 normal, ED a1 normal


This breeding marks the 4th and 5th generation of one of the most illustrious bloodlines in the breed in existence today.


The puppies are extremely dark and robust with good size.


This is one of the most successful families in the GSD breed today, not only producing dogs with excellent structure, dogs with excellent records in shows, but also dogs with outstanding temperaments, that have been able to do a variety of tasks, excel in various fields of their owners' choosing, but most importantly excellent health and longevity. With their great great grand mothers still being alive and well into their teens, still active and alert, is more of a testament to the health of this motherline than anything else.


Quest von Nummer-Eins x Nevada von Nummer-Eins

Girls available.

We have two excellent females available. They have powerful bones, large heads and deep red and black color.


Quest is turning out to be an excellent producer, with large substantial puppies with excellent, outgoing demeanors and beautiful color. We are very excited about the potential of his children for the future.

Nummer-Eins German Shepherds, Virginia