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Breeders of Quality German Shepherd Dogs in Virginia

A good breeder looks to promote the community where the sport and dog ownership have a chance to grow in a healthy manner and give back to the youth so the interest is maintained in this novel endeavor for years to come.


German Shepherd puppies Virginia, German Shepherd puppies for sale, German Shepherds Virginia, Best German Shepherd breeders

We follow strict regulations set forth by the SV in Germany (Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde) which dictates the protocols for the breeding of German Shepherds in Germany and the rest of the world.


All of our dogs are selected for their sound temperaments, and utilitarian structure  for show and work, embodying the true German Shepherd: that is not only good for working, running, hiking etc. but also competitive in shows and trials.


All of our dogs are X-Rayed and have A-Stamps from the SV.

This is a very comprehensive hip and elbow evaluation system which then further determines the breed worth of the dogs.


All of our adult breeding dogs have earned their working titles prior to breeding.

These titles prove the worth of the dog as far as the soundness of temperament and physical working ability is concerned. This is a very important aspect of breeding as this certainly determines the quality of offspring these parents will produce in the future, which directly affects the puppies and future owners.


These titles include BH (which is an offleash and onleash obedience test where the dog must perform under different circumstances and scenarios showing confidence and compliance to whatever the handler asks of his dog- in heeling, walking through crowds, sensitivity to traffic and obeying commands from a distance in the absence of the handler), Schutzhund or IPO titles (IPO1, IPO2, IPO3): These titles consist of three phases which include tracking, obedience and protection work which test the soundness of nerve, working instinct of the dog and the relationship with the handler.


All of our adult breeding dogs have attained their breed surveys under the SV system.

A breed survey is yet another tool to determine the breed worth of the said animal. A dog that has attained its breed survey under the SV system is a dog that is worthy of breeding. The comprehensive nature of this evaluation determines the breed worth by laying down strict criteria. All dogs must have passed the A-Stamp, all dogs must possess a show rating to ensure correct structure, all dogs must have full and correct dentition and pass atleast a BH, IPO1 and AD (endurance test to determine the soundness of structure in motion). Additionally, the dogs must pass a courage test at the breed survey, must be neutral to loud noises like gun fire and be neutral to their surroundings and people.


Any German Shepherd breeder who is not following this criteria with their dogs are doing the breed a disservice and not promoting the correct German Shepherd. We proudly meet and exceed all criteria set forth by the SV for breeding these magnificent dogs and our results speak for themselves.

All our puppies are dewormed, given their first set of shots and with a comprehensive written health guarantee. We stand by the quality of our breeding program and the dogs that we produce.

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