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SG1 Athena von Nummer-Eins HD-a1 normal, ED-a1 normal. ZW:86.

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Linebreeding - 5 Generations for Athena von Nummer Eins:

4 - 5... in VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos


VA1 (NL) Xentos Wilhelmswarte


HD a1 normal, ED a1 normal

VA1 Mentos v Osterberger-Land

IPO3, KKl1

HD a2 ED a1 normal

Jovanna v.d. Wilhelmswarte

SchH1, KKl1

HD ED a1 normal

Usica v.d. Wilhelmswarte SchH1, KKl1, HD a1 -ED a3

VA Xaro Ben Harten SchH3, KKl1, HD a2 - ED a1

Oprah v Aurelius SchH2, KKl1, HD a1

VA Nando v Gollerweiher IPO3, FH2 KKl1, HD a2 ED a1

VA Memphis v Solebrunnen

IPO3, KKl1

HD ED a1 normal

V Tigra v Nummer-Eins

IPO3, KKl1

HD-ED a1 normal

Nevada von Nummer-Eins

IPO3, Angek. LBZ

HD a3 ED a1 normal

VA Vesper v. Nummer-EIns SchH3, KKl1, HD-ED a1

Paula v Kaditzer Land SchH2, KKl1, HD-ED a1

VA Quartz v. WBL SchH3, KKl1, HD-ED a1

VA Wallaby v. Kapellenberg SchH3, KKl1, HD-ED a1

Show Results for Athena von Nummer Eins:




Regional Siegerin

Club Siegerin




Herr Rainer Mast

Dr Morton Goldfarb


Show Critique by Herr Rainer Mast:


Over medium size female  medium strong, substantial with a good head, and expression. She is firm and dry, has a good backline, and croup She has good front and very good rear angulation. She has a straight front and moves correct in the rear and also has a very good underline and under ches. She shows good movement with a good drive and also good reach with very nice presentation."



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