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The quality of any breeding program and the knowledge of the breeder pursuing this endeavor is mapped by the quality of dogs produced and the accomplishments in their chosen fields to show character, structure and health with consistency.  A good breeder also looks to promote the community where the sport and dog ownership have a chance to grow in a healthy manner and give back to the youth so the interest is maintained in this novel endeavor for years to come.


V Puma v. Nummer-Eins (IPO2, Ang.)


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Pistol von Nummer-Eins (L) and Manolo von Nummer-Eins (R)


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A typical day at the ranch: running playing and chewing sticks.



Raised around German Shepherds since early childhood, trained professionally as a Graphic Designer and Branding Consultant, speak four languages and have been participating actively in breeding, training and showing dogs for several years.  Member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA), also a member of the Verein für Deutscher Schäferhunde (SV), Germany.



Breeder of two “VA” females which were titled to IPO3 and breed surveyed at the youngest attainable age. Breeder of highly rated female (V37 - Working class females) 2012 German Sieger Show, VA3 in USCA Sieger Show and winner of Best American Bred award in USCA Sieger Show 2013.


Thus far, in a limited breeding program, 19 von Nummer-Eins dogs have recieved IPO titles and breed surveys under the SV from limited breedings which include 8 IPO3 titles, 3 IPO2 titles, 8 IPO1 titles and 12 breed surveys originating from just 9 litters from 8 different mothers and 8 different fathers.


Headed the Youth Handler Program for the USCA Sieger Show from 2011 to 2012 which was very well received (highest number of enrollments as over 30 youth handlers participated in the event) and attracted sponsors as a means to encourage the youth to be an active part of the organization and be involved in our sport.


Only American breeder to have bred VA litter sisters: VA Vesper v. Nummer-Eins (IPO3, Ang.) and VA Vesta v. Nummer-Eins (IPO3, Ang.)


Presented kennel group in 2016 USA Sieger Show and received 2nd PLACE KENNEL with three dogs in the working class and two in the youth and young classes with a highest difficulty of 4 sires and 4 dams.


Presented kennel group in 2017 Canadian Nationals:  four dogs in the working class and one in the young class exceeding the highest difficulty with 5 sires and 5 dams, including 2 class winners including the working class siegerin: VA1 female, V1 female, V2 female, V1 male and SG1 male .


Bred and titled O'Stryder von Nummer-Eins from BH to IPO3, FH1 with high protection, high tracking and high in trial awards (2nd generation).


Breeder of 2017 Canada V1 Nala von Nummer-Eins.


Breeder of 2017 Canada SG1 Kayos von Nummer-Eins.


Breeder of 2016 GSDCA VA4 Roma von Nummer-Eins.


Breeder of 2016 USA SG3 Nevada von Nummer-Eins.


Breeder of the 2016 USA V1 Pistol von Nummer-Eins.


Bred and titled Manolo von Nummer-Eins from BH to IPO3, campaigned him to  V1 at the Canadian Nationals 2017.


Owned, trained, campaigned Kerry vom Königsadler to VA1 in Canada ('15).


Breeder of 2014 SG1 Youth Siegerin Quiana von Nummer-Eins.


Breeder of 2012 VA Vesper von Nummer-Eins and 2012 - 2013 VA Vesta von Nummer-Eins.


Female from breeding is a performance award winner in USA, Austria and Germany in the same calendar year, making her the ONLY American bred and youngest female ever to hold this distinction.


7 Bitework Performance Honorable Mentions earned in North America and Europe.


Breeder of Youngest American Bred Female to make VA with IPO3.


Certified National and Teaching Helper with the German Shepherd Club of America and Training Director for O.G. Horand Hundesport, (German Shepherd Club of America) GSDCA Affiliated club.


Apprentice Breed Judge and Apprentice Working Judge with the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

Nummer-Eins German Shepherds, Virginia