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2xVA2 Esto von der Plassenburg

HD-ED a1 normal HD ZW 78, IPO3, Ang.

Sire: VA1 Omen vom Radhaus (IPO3, KKL)

Dam: Oxana von der Plassenburg (SchH2, KKL)

SG1 NASS Quiana von Nummer-Eins

HD-ED a1 normal HD ZW 83, IPO1, Ang.

Sire: V Baran vom Fleischerheim (IPO3, KKL)

Dam: VA Vesper von Nummer-Eins (IPO3, KKL)

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Esto is an excellent son of VA1 Omen Radhaus with very open character and strong bitework. He is an over medium size dog with very powerful movement and tight ligaments. He has a very pleasing disposition and is very good with children and a fun dog to interact with. He has already made the coveted best bitework award three times: Once in Germany and twice in the United States and has made VA2 consecutively at the USA & GSDCA Sieger Shows.


Quiana is a beautiful daughter of our VA Vesper Nummer-Eins and is a large, powerful female with a massive head and very thick beautiful coat. She is of  a very even disposition and does very well in various environments. She loves people, children and gets along very well with other dogs. A delight to be around. She was also the No1 female for the year 2014 in the United States as she was crowned the SG1 Youth Siegerin at the WUSV NASS.


Esto has clearly established himself as one of the leading young studs in the United States and we are very excited about the prospects of this litter. Esto is the winner of the best bitework award in Germany, and twice in the United States.  Being an outstanding son of the world sieger Omen Radhaus, Esto continues an excellent bloodline forward.


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Esto's father: VA1 Omen vom Radhaus (IPO3, KKL)

Nummer-Eins German Shepherds, Virginia