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Kayos von Nummer-Eins:


Kayos has clearly established himself as a dominant producer, bringing forward the qualities of his mother, VA Vesper von Nummer-Eins forth in each litter: mentally balanced, intelligent dogs with that typical Nummer-Eins type. He produces his deep red black color in his children, but more importantly, his excellent character, intelligence and eagerness to learn is passed on to all his litters.

SG1 Himmat von Nummer-Eins

23 mo

SG1 Gaga von Nummer-Eins


SG2 Noori von Nummer-Eins

22 mo

J'Adore von Nummer-Eins

18 mo

SG3 Chanel von Nummer-Eins

12 mo

Bijli von Nummer-Eins

10 mo

Nummer-Eins German Shepherds, Virginia