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Nummer-Eins Mother line.


The most important goal in a breeder's career is to create a proven motherline that carries the next generation forward, into the future. A proven motherline of healthy, intelligent and strong dogs ensures that the future of the breed is secured rendering you successful in the ultimate goal: Making the breed better than how you found it.

Since the very start I have envisioned to create a robust breeding family that will contribute in a small way to ensure the future of the breed with at least one strong mother line. My goal was to look for genetic diversity, within the confines of excellent health, functional anatomy, intelligent minds and a homogeneous type, where you'd see a German Shepherd from this motherline and know immediately its a Nummer-Eins dog.


Currently in the 6th generation of our small breeding program, I have been able to breed dogs with the characteristics we desire in the German Shepherd breed, which is to have dogs of medium size, with great temperaments and drive, with a distinctive kennel type.


Having raised all these dogs from birth, to training and competing with them, gives us a very unique opportunity to access each and every dog's abilities that put us at a distinct advantage as breeders to make educated decisions in our breeding program.


These are robust dogs with excellent longevity, with 5 accomplished generations alive and thriving currently under the same roof.


We are very proud of this since not many out there can even come close to this claim.

VA Vesper von Nummer-Eins:

The next generations of females

The outstanding family tree emanating from VA Vesper von Nummer-Eins, a family of females that embody the qualities of their mother, and competing at the highest level through her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, Vesper has secured her legacy in the German Shepherd breed in the United States quite comfortably.

VA Vesta von Nummer-Eins:

The excellence continues

VA Roma von Nummer-Eins:

The Third pillar

Another outstanding homegrown VA female, Roma is a feisty, powerful female, who has produced her excellent drive, character and outstanding body in her children. We are very excited with yet another family of superb females that continue to show case why they're some of the best in the breed.

Nummer-Eins German Shepherds, Virginia