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Quest von Nummer-Eins HD- OFA Good, ED- Normal.

Quest's Photo Gallery:

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Pedigree & Show Results

Show Critiques


No Linebreeding - 5 Generations.


Pictured above at 20 months.


V1 O'Stryder v Nummer-Eins

IPO3, FH1 Angek.

HD a1 normal, ED a1 normal

VA Granitt v Osterberger-Tal

IPO3, KKl1

HD ED a1 normal

V Motte v Suentelstein


HD a2 ED a1 normal

Pia v Gut Lethe SchH1 KKl1, HD-ED a1

VA William v Suentelstein SchH3, KKl1, HD a2-ED a1

Anka v Osterberger Tal IPO1, KKl1, HD ED a1

VA Fulz di Zenverdeo IPO3, KKl1, HD EDa1

V Dasty v Melanchthon

SchH3, KKl1

HD ED a1 normal

VA Vesta Nummer-Eins

IPO3, Ang. LBZ

HD ED a1 normal

V1 Pistol v Nummer-Eins

IPO2, Angek. LBZ

HD a1 ED a1 normal

Xambia WBL SchH1, KKl1, HD ED  a1

Zad Feetback IPO1, KKl1, HD a1 ED a3

VA Bobo v Arlett CA SchH3, KKl1, HD ED a1

VA1 Remo v Fichtenschlag IPO3, KKl1, HD a3 ED a1

Show Results for Quest von Nummer Eins:



Club Show



Herr Rainer Mast


Show Critique by Herr Rainer Mast:


"A medium size, medium strong male, with a masculine head with an excellent expression. He has high withers, straight back and a correctly angled croup. He has good fore and very good hind angulation with a straight underline. He moves straight coming and going and presents himself very energetically with a dynamic, powerful hindthrust and a free front reach."


Quest is the combination of our two strong motherlines through Motte and Vesta Nummer-Eins through her best daughter Pistol von Nummer-Eins.


Quest is a male of perfect medium size, he is a very drivey dog with excellent demeanor, he loves to engage and work. He enjoys bitework just as much as he enjoys obedience and is always ready for a new challenge.


He will compliment our upcoming young females quite well and we are very excited to see what the future holds for this talented, young boy.

Video coming soon.

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