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SG1 Sarina von Nummer-Eins IPO3, Ang. HD-a1 normal, ED-a1 normal. ZW: 77.

German Shepherd breeders Virginia, German Shepherd puppies for sale, German Shepherd puppies in Virginia, Best German Shepherd Breeders
German Shepherd breeders Virginia, German Shepherd puppies for sale, German Shepherd puppies in Virginia, Best German Shepherd Breeders

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Pedigree & Show Results

Breed Survey & Show Critiques

Linebreeding for Sarina von Nummer Eins:

There is no common Ancestry in Sarina's first 5 generations.


Female Born: 6th January, 2013


V1 Kalidas WüstenbergerLand

IPO2, Ang.

HD a2 fast normal, ED a1 normal

VA2 Quattro Partnachklamm

SchH3, KKl1

HD ED a1 normal

VA(USA) Jazmin v WBL

SchH3, KKl1

HD ED a1 normal

VA Jenny Laacher-Haus SchH2, KKl1, HD a2

VA1 Pakros D'Ulmental SchH3, KKl1, HD a1

V Ora vom Müdesheimerland SchH2, KKl1, HD a1

VA1 Zamp v. Thermodos SchH3, KKl1, HD a1

VA Idol v Holtkämper Hof

SchH3, KKl1

HD ED a1 normal

V Insa v.d. Dunieschenke

SchH3, FH, KKl1

HD ED a1 normal

VA1 Pützi von der Dunieschenke

SchH2, KKL1.

HD ED a1 normal

V Sira v.d. Dunieschenke SchH3, FH, KKl1, HD a1

V1 Ginga Kristallsee SchH3, KKl1, HD a3

VA Layos v Thermodos SchH3, KKl1, HD a1

VA Yak vom Frankengold SchH3, KKl1, HD a2

Show Results for Quiana von Nummer Eins:

Regional Vice Siegerin

Club SIegerin

Club Siegerin

Regional Siegerin






San Diego


San Diego

Herr Rainer Mast

Herr Hans Ludger Göke

Herr Johannes Grewe

Herr Richard Brauch

Show Critique by Herr hans Ludger Göke:


"A female that is quite large, is bone strong and substantial. She has a strong head with striking expression and correctly positioned ears. She has a high wither, straight back and a long, well angled croup. She is very well angulated in the front and rear, has very good chest proportions and a straight underline. She is straight coming and going and moves with a very dynamic far reaching movement with powerful hind thrust. This female catches the eye because of her presence in the ring and excellent movement. Congratulations on your SG1."


Sarina is a super quality puppy that we retained from our S-Litter breeding from the beautiful VA2 Quattro vom Partnachklamm son Kalidas vom Wüstenberger-Land and the super VA Idol Daughter VA1 Pützi von der Dunieschenke.


Kalidas is twice the winner of the USCA Sieger Show, as he won Puppy Sieger VP1 in Dallas and then SG1 Young Sieger the next year in Indianapolis. His Sire Quattro is the German Youth Sieger SG1 and Also the German Vice Sieger VA2, by no means a small accomplishment. He comes from a very established family with VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos as his sire and VA1 Euro Media as his grand sire on his mother side. Kalidas' mother is a very famous American female VA2 Jazmin vom Wüstenberger-Land who is a daughter of VA1 German Sieger Pakros D'Ulmental and VA1 USA Jenny Laacher Haus.


Sarina's motherline is equally impressive. Her mother Pützi is a very beautiful daughter of Idol v Holtkamper Hof with excellent temperament. She comes over an alternative mother-line, bringing genetic diversity to our breeding program while keeping Idol as a unifying factor (Idol is the father of our girl Xambia and the grand father of the widely successful V-Litter). This helps us maintain our excellent type, expression and temperament while widening the bloodlines and avoiding a genetic bottleneck. Moreover, Putzi’s grand mother Sira v.d. Duniescheke is also the mother of the top producer VA1 (Bel) Henry v.d. Dunieschenke, arguably the best son of the legendary male VA3 Esko v. Daenischen Hof, one of the best producers of modern times.


Pützi became the USA 2012 Siegerin VA1 amidst extremely tough competition beating many top rated German females to achieve this title. She was the winner of the best protection work award at the Sieger Show as well.


Sarina shows a lot of promise as a youngster with her poise, temperament and excellent structure. We hope she can grow up and live up to her potential.

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