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Breeders of Quality German Shepherd Dogs in Virginia

How dogs find a place in the world is an important testament to a strong and successful breeding program. When your dogs not only compete and do exceedingly well in your chosen venues but also enrich the lives of people they live with, whether its therapy work, a service dog, a training partner or your best friend, we have dogs from our breeding program serving humanity in their fullest.


Here is a list of a few testimonials that we have from our happy clients and their lovely dogs. We are very thrilled to be able to share these great dogs with some very wonderful people.

“We earned our NACSW NW2 over the weekend. Yana received so many compliments on her temperament and looks at the trial.

She was actually the only GSD to pass all five searches. She's such a Little Rock Star”


Ahren and Yana.


Bringing a Nummer Eins Dog into the family is the best decision you will ever make. Not only are these dogs aesthetically stunning, but more importantly they have balanced temperaments, are highly intelligent and physically healthy. Our dog Enzo has exceeded all of our expectations and is a well-rounded, confident, loving member of our family.


As a breeder, Abhai is extremely hands on. You can see how deeply he cares for his animals. Over the past 7 years, he has helped guide us with our pup every step of the way and been there for us whenever we have come up against any challenges.


We so look forward to bringing another Nummer Eins pup into our family in the very near future!


Robert, Evin and Enzo.

"I can’t thank Abhai enough for all the time he has taken to educate me on how to take care of my puppies. My family and I have brought two of them home with us and we could not be any happier. His knowledge of the breed and his compassion and care of his puppies are second to none!"


Dr. Nariman

"HI AK! Hope you and your family are well. I just wanted to touch base with you. Chianti is the most amazing, intelligent, loving, happy girl ever. We are so happy with her. She too :)


I just can't thank you enough for this amazing girl we have! I do keep working on the training commands we learned with you which she performs perfectly.


I find comfort in bringing all the dogs along with me on trail rides with the horses and I know the dogs love it. Chianti also comes with me all over... Co OP, TSC etc."


- Sophie


Like with most things, he's a quick study. We took him to a Doggy Beach and he was straight out performing labs and other dogs twice his age. You should see him outswimming/outperforming labs! All the confidence in the world, no fear.


So many people ask about where we got him, we definitely share Nummer-Eins to those who look decent/smart people.


- Jason, Susana and Vader

"Firstly, Abhai is an amazing person by heart, his love for dogs is wonderful, I recently had the chance to own one of Nummer-Eins puppy, these dogs are extremely intelligent with balanced temperaments, beautiful movement, superior drives and amazing anatomy. My brother Abhai helped me a lot to learn and understand more about the breed. I would definitely recommend meeting him and his dogs if you want to know what actual German shepherds look and behave like."


- Vincent

Nummer-Eins German Shepherds, Virginia