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Boarding and Training services available:

We offer for a select few dogs a board and train program which comprehensively concentrates on correct socialization, crate training, and obedience to help you and your four legged partner become a solid team and an asset to society.


To take out the guesswork out of the process of training, helping people raise well adjusted obedient dogs that are a pleasure to live with, and also to empower people with tools to work with their dogs we have decided to offer limited board and train services to our clients and also weekly training classes to empower you with the tools to effectively control your dogs and help them have a more fulfilled life.


Since client needs are different, we create a protocol for each individual family, tailored to the needs of their household.




Obedience foundation and advanced trial preparation:

If you're looking to compete with your dog in obedience competitions whether its Schutzhund, IGP/IPO style obedience or rally we can help you start your puppy with the basics, to advanced trial preparation.



Tracking foundation and advanced:

Tracking is something that is fundamental to dogs, and is a very interesting aspect of dog sport where you have to trust your dog to be empowered with the right tools to perform in a manner we expect for high competition. It is a fascinating phase of dog training but can be equally frustrating if not approached in the right manner. With our motivation based system, this is something your dog will look forward to perform in.



Protection work foundation and advanced:

Protection is often a very touchy subject and often we see dogs that have been pushed too hard, or ruined by the wrong type of training. It is very important to have well adjusted, socialized dogs when you attempt protection training with your dog. A neurotic or unstable dog will never be a good protection dog and be a liability for you.

We offer foundation work for puppies to help them grow up confident and strong to be mentally able to handle the rigors of the sport mentally and grow up to be well rounded dogs with a great off switch.



Dog show presentation training:

Having competed at the highest level as a breeder and exhibitor for decades, we can offer you tips and training to learn ring craft, grooming and conditioning your dog to look and feel its best and realize its potential in the show ring.

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