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The 2016 USA Sieger Show in Indianapolis was a milestone for Nummer-Eins. With such a small breeding program, its very difficult to show a breeder's group or kennel group with a high level of difficulty because you simply lack the number of dogs that the large kennels with several litters a year produce. Everything must be perfectly executed and there is no room for error. We were able to showcase a kennel group with the highest level of difficulty (5 dogs from 4 different fathers & 4 different mothers) and were awarded the Runner's up position in this tough competition! This show also saw the success of upto the 4th generation of our breeding program clinching top places. Needless to say we are very proud.


We entered 6 of our dogs (including three in the working class) and produced exceptional results:


V1 Working females Pistol von Nummer-Eins

V6 Working females Oza von Nummer-Eins

V9 Working males Odie von Nummer-Eins

SG3 (18-24 mo) Nevada von Nummer-Eins

SG6 (12-18 mo) Manolo von Nummer- Eins

VP1 (9-12 mo) Sieger Le Mad Maxx von Nummer-Eins

Nummer-Eins German Shepherds, Virginia