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This past weekend (Dec 2022) was the first time a Nummer-Eins sire presented his progeny group. Kayos exhibited his first group and got very favorable comments from Mr. Mast. This is a very proud moment for me as a breeder, to have this amazing male born in my hands and for him to have proven the mettle of his blood from different females, stamping his type on his children.

"This is an excellent male now and from him here are one male, three females in the group. There are two winners of their classes, one second place and one third place.

These dogs have the same type as their father.

A really good group with a very good type, all dogs have good proportions, are good angulated in front and the back; I like the type of these dogs they are full of temperament, All dogs have good color, dark eyes, good masks, and they all show good fluid movements. Thank you very much for the presentation of this group, and I must thank the breeder to bring these nice dogs. "

My sincere thank you to everyone who was kind enough to step in the ring with one of the dogs, I appreciate all of you very much.


Full results from the Horand Hundesport Christmas show under Herr Rainer Mast (Körmeister SV)

Vp1 Xenna von Nummer-Eins

Vp2 Xiu von Nummer-Eins

Vp1 Yahoo von Nummer-Eins

Vp2 Zaza von Nummer-Eins

Sg3 Chanel von Nummer-Eins

SG1 Gaga von Nummer-Eins

SG2 Noori von Nummer-Eins

SG1 Himmat von Nummer-Eins

V2 Lupin Del’Altopiano

Kayos von Nummer-Eins progeny group


These are puppies now going upto 6th generation of Nummer-Eins bred and raised dogs in their pedigree. Certainly a proud accomplishment which would not be possible without the help of my closest friends that have been there every step of the way. Thank you.

Thank you to Rajko, Danijela and Sam for helping out with handling. Much appreciated.

Nummer-Eins German Shepherds, Virginia