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VA1 Xentos von der Wilhelmswarte

HD-ED a1 normal, IPO3, Ang.

Sire: VA1 Mentos v Osterberger Land (IPO3, KKL)

Dam: Jovanna von der Wilhelmswarte (SchH1, KKL)

SG3 USA Nevada von Nummer-Eins

HD a3-ED a1 normal HD IPO3, ANG..

Sire: VA Memphis v Solebrunnen (IPO3, KKL)

Dam: V Tigra v Nummer-Eins (IPO3, KKL)

German Shepherd Breeders Michigan, german shepherd puppies for sale, German Shepherds for sale Michigan
German Shepherd Breeders Michigan, german shepherd puppies for sale, German Shepherds for sale Michigan

Xentos is a striking and imposing son of the world sieger VA1 Mentos von der Osterberger Land with very good drive. He is a large powerful male with a deep mahogany red color and pronounced black pigment. Xentos is a male who is very firm in his ligaments and has an athletic built. He has been shown consistently in Germany with very good results and has presented numerous top placing progeny at the world stage which have embodied his type in firmness and richness of pigment and open, clear temperament.


Nevada is the 4th generation of our breeding program and is third in the line of home bred females that have been titled successfully to IPO3 after her grandmother and mother. She is a large powerful female with a strong head and a striking expression. She has a thick, full coat. Nevada has a very clear temperament and fits seamlessly in various environments whether its relaxing at home, or out in the city or working on the field. She is a very capable, intelligent female who picks things up very quickly. She is social with people, loves kids and gets along with other dogs, She is what we would describe as the total German Shepherd. Nevada was crowned SG3 at the USA Sieger Show in 2016.


The puppies from this combination of deep red black color with powerful bones and big heads. We are very excited about the prospects of these pups.


We sought Xentos for Nevada due to his striking presence, complimentary drives and large, powerful, robust structure. Xentos is a sire of note in Germany and has produced several progeny with his outstanding qualities with several females from different bloodlines, with Nevada, the puppies have turned out to have fabulous heads, bone strength and deep red black color.

(Above Left): VA1 Mentos, the father to Xentos (Right):Nevada von Nummer-Eins


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Xentos' father: VA1 Mentos Osterberger Land (IPO3, KKL)

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Our lovely Xentos x Nevada kids: Athena and Apollo.

Nummer-Eins German Shepherds, Virginia